This is us

This is us
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

This is our favorite part of mommy being a teacher! It is Spring Break and we not only don't have to go to school but we get to stay home and do stuff with our Mommy. Sunday we went to Oklahoma City and did a little shopping. Monday was a day at Nana's because Mommy went shopping for us some summer stuff and she says that it is easier to do if we are not with her. It is ok though because you can't beat a day with grandparents! Tuesday Mommy told us that we had tons of stuff to do, I (Luke) had to have a haircut, then we went and had lunch at McDonalds and then it was an afternoon at the park taking pictures with the photographer. Today we have just got to play all day, this afternoon has been really nice and we have enjoyed being outside. Well that is our Spring Break update for now, we will let you know about the rest of the week later.

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